Prof. Sonam Kalra talks about Importance of Knowledge of Language in Primary schools

  I am talking about the importance of knowledge of language at the primary school level, it should have a place in primary classes. There is a tradition in Indian education system that school students to be taught by rote learning, not only sentences rather whole paragraph & lessons are memorized by repetition.

          While ratification is quiet useful where no analytical thinking is required, for Ex- memorization of multiplication tables in maths or periodic table in chemistry or some scientific formulae etc.

        Since rote learning does not encourage comprehension, so by itself it is an ineffective tool in teaching any complex subject at advanced level. Rote learning is widely used in countries like India & China, it is strongly discouraged in other countries.

         Instead of struggling to learn a paragraph by heart, the meaning of which they may not have understood, they could have been taught to grasp the concept behind the particular lesson & given the linguistic ability to express it in their own words.

Schoolchildren are taught right from the primary level to use language & to express themselves in innovative & Constructive ways. In India where rote learning is in tradition, the government & the education boards should take some initiatives to stop this.


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