Prof. Richa Sharma shares her views on The Rules of Teaching

Teaching has been considered a venerated and noble profession since times immemorial. Our Gurukuls were considered sacred and so was the Guru Shishya Parampara. Even today many top- B- Schools include Guru Vandana today as a prelude to  class-room training. Teaching requires not only teaching competency and knowledge but also Moral uprightness and strength of character. Particularly  Higher education system needs great attention.

Today our stakeholders like the corporate industry and  society at large does not seem very happy with the education deliverable. Some people think that this is one profession where people don’t need training and thus make every class room session an experiment and  a hit & trial method. Even tiny Television commercials, which flash for seconds only, require great planning and expertise. The message to be given to the public is carefully mulled over, most of the time. Then how can education be left exposed to an unknown, unplanned fate?

Education is instrumental in writing the fate of the world. All the happenings of the world and one’s own nation are attributed to people and the society they dwell in. If our education system is strong and planned carefully, a lot of unpleasant incidents can be avoided and the world can serve as a better place.
What makes things worse is the lethargic and lackadaisical attitude that many  people entering this profession adopt. Such an attitude eats at the system making it vulnerable to many ills. Academic rigor and quality should never be compromised. Negligence & mediocrity are the most dangerous enemies of the  Education System. Outdated curriculums and age old practices may need to be revisited. The education profession should be the last choice rather it should be maintained  as a priority. It is a dedicated exercise and needs to get full support from the participating stakeholders. Requisites should be  made more stringent so that only dedicated people enter and serve society with their focused & noble minds.



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3 responses to “Prof. Richa Sharma shares her views on The Rules of Teaching

  1. Thanks for this share mate. I have looking for this info for quite some time now and I am glad to come across your post.

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  3. With the plethora of mushrooming institutes esp in Higher Education, the quality of education has taken a toll. The supply by purely business oriented institutions outstripping demand casts a shadow on institutions trying to maintain education quality. Quality be on part of the teachers, students or processes is compromised for the financial games.

    Over the past few decades , the teaching profession hasn’t been found to figure in the much sought after professions. Rather that choice, it is a matter of compulsion that the individuals have been hitherto entering this profession & this reflects in the quality of grooming of the students/future generations.

    The time is ripe that corrective measures are initiated lest the society continue to bear the brunt of such low quality education…

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