Asst. Prof. Anshikha Nautiyal talks about a New World after 2012

I wish the world did come to an end before the heinous crime took place in the capital of our country which agitated the masses and shocked the entire country. After this incident it makes headlines of journal, channel, be it any type of media, there is nothing new but let me say this please, six men who gang raped and then savagely tortured a 23 old girl in a moving bus along with her male friend forced us to think that why rape is so common crime in our country, why girls are not safe in a country where we have a so-called culture of respecting women, why it is not so common in middle east and Dubai?

The answer to these questions can vary from person to person but the common opinion would be about the law for such crime. Our judicial system is a big reason for such incident taking place and will continue to be if there is no rigid law, no fast track court to give justice and above all there is no capital punishment for such beasts who are actually not humans but still people defends them by human rights. The criminals in these cases are not deserved to be called even animals because animals also have some traces of kindness and compassion.

We might blame this to the law and the system as I did but I believe it is we who must be blamed as a society responsible for such crimes. The society must change the overview towards girls.  The people who think it is the dressing sense of the girl or the excessive freedom given responsible for such crimes, they must look around and look that girls are most desirably dressed in the European countries as compared to India but still they are not brutally treated as a piece of flesh.

Mayans predicted that the world will end on December 21st this year. Well it didn’t, for most of but for the girl who may not be able to eat through her mouth all her life even if she survives, it may just have. But her courage and the will to live despite all odds seem to have taken her straight ito a new world, where the nightmare she went through has probably resulted in waking up millions of sleeping Indians. Maybe in this new world, this kind of incident which brings collective shame to a country will not be there. Just maybe!

This article is written on the day when nothing is coming on my mind because some where I personally feel myself guilty as I am also a part of this society and belonging to the same age adds the pain, a 23 year old raped in bus wants to have whole life before her and we will pray for her.



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2 responses to “Asst. Prof. Anshikha Nautiyal talks about a New World after 2012

  1. Gajendra Sati

    Together we salute the courage with which the victim struggled for her life. And, no less significant, we collectively agreed that her traumatic end will not be in vain.

  2. Woo… its great to know about the changes we will face after 2012 a new world of technology to change.

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